Welcome to Troop 370's PayPal Payment page.

* IMPORTANT: This page should only be used for Boy Scouts and Venture Scouts. Cub Scouts follows a different process. *

Please use this PayPal Account ONLY for summer camp, high adventure and registration payments. Please DO NOT use this account for monthly campout payments. 

It is imperative that you enter, in the space below, the scoutsí name and the event for which you are paying (e.g. John Doe/summer camp), so that we will know for whom and for what the payment is being made.  If you need to make payments on multiple events, please do so individually - do not pay for multiple events in one payment.

After you have entered your scout's name and event, click 'Buy Now' and complete your payment.

Scout Name/Event

Thank you for using Troop 370's PayPal account.


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